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Unleash Your Party Animal!

Lift Those Party Paws!

Want to invite Church Dog to your party?                                                   

Living in the town that Disney Built we see first hand the magic when a beloved story charcter pops off the page of a book and shows up in person to a special event.  Church dog fans will never forget the thrill of a life-sized, fluffy K'noot joining in on your party plans, games, songs, and silly dancing.  But best of all, giving out furry cuddles and hugs!  And he doesn't come empty handed!  He arrives bearing swags to give out, filled with a variety of gifts to choose from, including books, plush toys, prayer blankets, and/or Church Dog themed sugar cookies, depending on your order. 


If you want to make a memory of a lifetime, contact the Church Dog Team at: 


phone: (818) 641-0512

One last thing.  Unfortunately, Church Dog gets homesick when he travels too far away, so all parties must take place within the greater Orlando area.  

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