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Michele Lewis

Editor, Writer, Story Development

Michele Boaz Ruthie.png

Michele is proud to be a member of the Church Dog team, serving the project as a contributing writer, editor, story developer, strategic planner and administrator.  She and her husband, Pastor William, are also characters in the Church Dog story, because (in real life) they are the human owners of K’noot’s puppy parents, Boaz and Ruthie. 

Michele is a writer, who began her education at the University of Michigan as a journalism major, but graduated with a Business Degree in Finance from the University of Redlands, in California.  She’s worked at various investment banking firms in Los Angeles, CA, including Goldman Sachs. 


A mother of two, (Taylor and Elijah), Michele has enjoyed serving beside Pastor William at several churches, including his term as a visiting lecturer at Princeton Theological Seminary.  The couple currently partners in ministry at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration, Florida (the town that Disney built), where William is the Senior Pastor and Michele teaches and sits on various boards, committees and leadership support teams. For 14 years, she also served as Secretary to the board of the Christian organization Presbyterians for Faith, Family and Ministry, which puts out a publication, “Theology Matters,” to address current social, cultural and theological issues.

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