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In a series of playful and endearing Church Dog Adventures, each story uses biblical foundations to teach moral lessons about real life issues that children face.  The books are perfect for igniting conversations around subjects like bullying, grief, forgiveness, fear, and fighting temptation. Equally important is stressing the power of being kind, compassionate giving, standing up for one another and having self-esteem.

Welcome to the enchanted world of the Church Dog, a heartwarming tale about a puppy sent from Heaven to teach people about the true nature of God's unconditional love.  With supernatural eyes that let "K'noot" see people the way Jesus does, the Church Dog's mission is to help God's children understand their unique identity as precious and special.  God loves us no matter what!  And what better Messenger than 'Man's Best Friend'?

The Church Dog series invites children of all ages to look at themselves and others through the eyes of a loving Father, as royal Princes and Princesses of a Heavenly King. Come along on the journey and find yourself on the pages of these relatable books, which are sure to become favorites your children will want to read again and again. 


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