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Kim Hawk is a Christian worship leader and a founding resident in the town that Disney built called Celebration Florida where she lives with her husband Rod and is blessed with a bonus son Chris and daughter Ashlee. She has served over 35 years as a marketing executive for everyone from Jimmy Buffett to Emeril LaGasse and from Hard Rock Live to Motown. Kim has led marketing teams in the Disney organization as well as Universal Studios and Church Street Station. Currently Kim co-owns Florida In Motion Realty where she has a team of successful realtors that market the entire Central Florida area.

Kim has a keen sense for spotting superstars! True superstars make this world a better place. Church Dog is sure to be a big hit as the good news stories are needed especially now. Kim believes that as long as you keep your eyes on Jesus you will conscientiously build a positive spiritual foundation for you and your loved ones. As a Worship singer for several decades she has witnessed many people coming to Christ and realizing the fact that they are madly loved by God the Father.

As a Marketing and Journalism graduate from West Virginia University Kim was recruited to work for the Mouse and is now happy to promote and support this heavenly dog that will surely make this world a better place in which to live. As additional books are in the pipeline for release please be on the lookout for Church Dog plush, pop socket, backpack and much more so this brand can be shared with children from around the world. We all love our dogs and, on that note, we have something beautiful in common. On behalf of the Church Dog team as you know God spelled backwards is Dog and to God be all the glory! Please be sure to sign up for the Church Dog Fan Club and stay connected in our hope-filled community.

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