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More  Church Dog Adventures 

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church dog & the big bad bug

When the whole world goes into hiding from a scary germ, K’noot and his furry friends decide to play the hero and hunt down the   pesky bug.  As it turns out, sniffing for what they imagine to be a giant monster sends them on the wrong mission.  

Come along as the Church Dog is reminded that his unique purpose is to tell God’s people how much their Father loves His children and is always looking out for them.  Enjoy this adventure of faith over fear.  K’noot learns that even a Big Bad Bug is no match for Jesus, who squashes all fears!

church dog & the Invisible Man

For the first time in his favorite place, K’noot sees something at Church that makes him sad.  Using his heavenly superpower-eyes that see people the way Jesus does, he notices someone no-one else seems to be able to see.  

Join the Church Dog as he uses his other worldly senses to draw  people’s attention back to what matters to God.  Learn how the   power of kindness and gentleness can restore the royal status and heavenly inheritance of anyone, even someone invisible.

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church dog & the shiny, 

Royal Christmas Box

When a beautifully wrapped Christmas box arrives by royal mail in town of Disney, then mysteriously disappears before the curious townspeople can discover who the dazzling package is for, or what possible treasure is hidden inside, Church Dog and his furry friends set off in search of the lost prize, only to discover that even more priceless treasures await them on their journey. In this adventure everyone is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

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church dog meets a marshmallow

There are all sorts of things for a frisky puppy to discover when Tracy takes K’noot to visit a mysterious house next to the town Dog Park.  He encounters new four-legged friends, a scary slobber-monster and a jaw dropping wonder.  

Join the fun as the Church Dog catches sight of a walking vision that makes his heart melt like a marshmallow.  You are sure to laugh at his comical, head-in-the-clouds infatuation and starry-eyed attempts to display his bravery, as he crashes into a date with Destiny.  

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Church Dog Sunday School Lessons 

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