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Elijah Lewis

Creative Directing

Elijah & Dogs.jpg

The Church Dog Team is blessed to have the generational perspective brought to the adventure series by Elijah Lewis, who serves as a consultant in the role of Creative Director.  He brings to the project his passion for writing, gaming and marketing. 


Elijah graduated from Florida State University with a business degree in Marketing and Communication.  He also has a real estate license and has worked in various sales positions that required his writing skills, including blogging and publishing campaign articles for a Congressional Candidate.  He has recently drafted a manuscript and is looking to publish his first novel about a relevant social issue.


He is also a character in the Church Dog story, because (in real life) he is the son of Pastor William and his wife, Michele.  He  goes to the church featured in the book, and in 2011, volunteered for its first mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Elijah has also worked for the Kids Alive program building an education facility and interacting with orphaned Haitian refugees. 

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