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hearing tears

“Here, have some of mine!”  “Let’s share!”  “You’re welcome to join me!”

Such simple words of kindness are so welcome, aren’t they?  When someone sees you in need and tries to care for you, doesn’t that make you feel special?  Everyone needs a little help sometime. Are you good at seeing people who need help?  If you are, then you have the same superpowers as Church Dog!  The little pup was sent from Heaven with supernatural eyes to see people the way Jesus sees them, as unique and precious.  

K'noot also has a heart that glows with love for others.  And his ears can hear tear drops!  One day in church, K’noot heard such a tear and followed the sad sound.  Sitting on the alter steps, he found a little boy named Joey crying.  The Church Dog cheered him up with puppy licks and kisses.  It wasn’t long before Joey had a chance to cheer up someone else. 

During a school lunchtime, Joey noticed a friend sitting awkwardly with nothing to eat. He recognized the skinny boy from his church Sunday school class.  “Did you forget your lunch today?” he asked his friend, who was eying Joey’s lunch box hungrily.  

“I don’t eat lunch,” the other boy said, shyly. 

Joey thought that was odd.  Wasn’t everyone hungry at lunchtime?  Then he noticed the boy’s shabby clothes and felt a tug on his heart.  He remembered a Bible story Pastor William had shared about how Jesus once used another little boy’s tiny lunch of bread and fish to feed a whole bunch of hungry people. Suddenly, Joey’s heart was flooded with love for his hungry friend. He decided to share his food too, just like the little boy did with Jesus. “Here!  I’m not that hungry today,” he said, tearing his sandwich in half and giving part of it to his friend. Joey smiled, watching the grateful boy gulp it down.  It made him so happy.  “Have some more!” Joey shared everything else in his lunch box too! 


When Joey went home that day, he had a plan.  He asked his mother to cut all his lunch items in half, explaining it was easier to eat them that way.  From that day forward, Joey made sure to sit next to his new best friend at lunch time, happily sharing his food.  

Some of Joey’s other friends noticed and were not so kind-hearted.  They thought Joey was foolish to give away food that belonged to him.  But Joey never felt hungry.  He was learning that love was not just a super power, but also a super food!  The more he gave away, the better he felt.  It made him feel happy to help someone one else.  After all, didn’t Jesus say, “Love one another as I have loved you?” 

At the end of the school year, Joey’s teacher wrote a note on his report card. Joey’s mother was surprised to read, “What a nice boy your son is!  To share his lunch everyday with another student in the class.” That made his mother very proud. 

So was K’noot, who heard all about Joey’s kindness from the other kids at church. The next Sunday, the pup ran up to greet Joey, barking with excitement.  He wanted Joey to know they shared the most wonderful superpower of all—eyes to see someone in need!  Like Church Dog, Joey had followed Jesus’ words in Matthew 25, “Whenever you take care of another, you take care of Me!” 

Is there someone you know who could use a little kindness from you?  What can you do?

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